Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chapter Seventy-Three Tuesday After Labor Day

“Aziz,” says Ahmajid, “your missiles are finally complete. They will be loaded aboard your vessels in the next two days. Do you see any problems with your crews departing on the third day?”

“Number 106 has developed a bearing problem in her prop, which will need to be repaired before she can get underway. Otherwise it could seize up, and the noise alone will let everyone know where she is. The other five are being loaded with supplies as we speak. How long do you expect them to be out to sea on this operation? I need to know how much to load them with, in terms of supplies.”

Mahmoud replies, “Provision them with supplies for ninety days. That should carry them through comfortably.”

“You know, Mr. President, our submarines have never been out that long before,” Aziz points out. “That long a time can create a major strain on the crews.”

“They are Iranians and submariners both. I am confident that they will be able to handle their assignments,” says Ahmajid. “They will depart as soon as they are properly loaded.”

This guy, thinks Aziz, may be the Supreme Leader, but he doesn’t understand shit about what I’m talking about. I know the stresses these men will go through.

“You have told me that they will be attacking the United States. Who, may I ask, is assigning the targets?” As if I didn’t already know.

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